What We Learned at the 2020 Marketing to Engineers Conference

39 MIN

For industrial B2B marketing nerds like us, the annual Marketing to Engineers conference (hosted by CFE Media) might as well be a holiday. The 2020 event was held virtually but still packed as much highly applicable marketing knowledge as we've unearthed at past events. Scott Trobaugh chats with VP, Director of Business Development Josh Albert, Executive Creative Director Cliff Lewis and Director of Strategy Alison Fetterman to discuss the pros and cons of virtual events and what they learned at Marketing to Engineers 2020.


Alison Fetterman

Alison Fetterman

Director of Strategy

As director of strategy, Alison connects audiences to key messages through strategic marketing that generates real business results.

Cliff Lewis

Cliff Lewis

Executive Creative Director

As an executive creative director at Godfrey, Cliff shapes our creative concepting process and helps guide concepts for branding, industry events and global B2B campaigns.

Josh Albert

Joshua Albert

Vice President, Business Development

Josh leads business development at Godfrey, combining strong leadership and business sense to help us form client relationships where we can do our very best work.

Scott Trobaugh

Scott Trobaugh

Vice President, Executive Creative Director

As a vice president and executive creative director at Godfrey, Scott leads teams in creative problem solving with the goal of tethering outlandish ideas to workable business realities.