Turning ESG Data Into Intelligence – A Chat With Paul Shahriari, Chief Innovation Officer and Founder of Ecomedes

Publish date: Oct 21, 2021 | Listening time: 53 minutes

Paul Shahriari, Chief Innovation Officer and Founder of Ecomedes, sat down with Godfrey Vice President of Creative Scott Trobaugh and Senior Strategist Donna Harris to talk about Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG).

ESG has gone beyond simply being a buzzword — now B2B brands increasingly view it as a core value, intended to serve as an integrated part of their offering to customers, employees, investors and other stakeholders. In this episode, Paul brings his two decades of experience to the conversation about the trends, challenges and opportunities brands now have to make a positive impact on their business and the world around them.

Paul shares:

  • Emerging trends in sustainability
  • How the built environment is undergoing a sustainability renaissance
  • The importance of offering value in sustainable solutions
  • The value of implementing ESG with a multidisciplinary mindset
  • Why data-driven ESG decision-making matters
  • Ways ESG metrics could evolve

To read more about ESG in B2B, check out “The ESG Standard: Why Doing Good Is Good for Business (Part 1)” from Senior Strategist Donna Harris.


Paul Shahriari - Chief Innovation Officer and Founder, Ecomedes

Paul Shahriari is the Chief Innovation Officer and Founder of Ecomedes, a cloud-based technology platform designed to simplify sustainability and ESG-driven decision-making. The Ecomedes platform helps users deliver increased ROI, reduce environmental impacts and be healthier through the selection of better products to their organizations and the buildings they design, build and operate. 

Paul is an authority on sustainability, high-performance green building, and the application of technology to the design and construction process. He has been a visionary in the field of sustainability through his consulting practice GreenMind Inc. and has served over 150 clients since 2000. A sought-after speaker and a master speaker at USGBC Greenbuild Conference, he has delivered over 500 presentations nationally and internationally during his career on topics including green technology, green jobs, eco-entrepreneurialism, green rating systems, green marketing and cost/benefit analysis. 

In addition to Ecomedes, he founded two other technology companies: ecologic3, the first project software that produces cost/benefit analysis for green building projects and ecoScorecard, the first web-based environmental documentation software for manufacturers working in commercial and residential construction. 

Donna Harris - Director of Strategy

Donna is fascinated with industry trends and market research. She supports account teams with insight and strategic planning and thrives on conquering challenges that keep clients up at night.