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Tips and trends for integrated marketing in the engineering community

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Our Topic:

A New Class of Buyers for Industry 4.0

At M2E, we addressed one of the biggest changes you’re facing today: Thanks to the Internet of Things, you can’t just market to engineers anymore. The design engineer still matters, but IT decision-makers will sit at the table, too. Now everyone in the enterprise will expect something different from your company and its products. Review our new research on how you can reach this ever-expanding crowd of 21st-century buyers.

Our Speakers

Jennifer Leigh

As executive planning director at Godfrey, Jennifer Leigh Brown leads a team of senior brand, content, social media and account strategists for global B2B marketing communications programs. Her nearly 20 years of experience working with industrial companies has included leadership roles in user experience, digital strategy, creative direction and research. Her passion for user-centered design has helped clients improve customer experiences and build stronger brands. She is also an author for UX Booth, a website dedicated to using strategy, design and technology, and to making the web a better place.

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Alison Fetterman is an account group manager at Godfrey with over 15 years of experience in marketing communications. Alison leads a team of account managers in developing strategic marketing programs for global brands in industrial automation, manufacturing and other B2B industries. She builds strong working relationships with clients to achieve successful, measurable results. Prior to joining Godfrey in 2010, she served as a senior web account manager where she was responsible for managing the strategy and development of digital properties.

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