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You know you’re selling into a rather elusive buying process when design and manufacturing are split between separate parties—and maybe even different continents. Buying groups often drive decisions. And increasingly, improving patient care is a more important consideration throughout the buying decision. Our approach to medical equipment marketing always starts with pinpointing the audience that matters most.
The healthcare industry—and consequently the medical equipment industry—is constantly evolving, whether it’s in response to the needs of patients and communities, to regulatory changes or to the health insurance environment. Whether it’s the adoption of an electronic medical record system or evidence-based design, trends in the industry are impacting businesses looking to diversify into this space. Additionally, value-based purchasing to improve healthcare quality and the patient experience will challenge marketers to address customers in a new way.
Decision-making in healthcare has undergone a transformation. Whether it’s for sterilization equipment or the hinge on a medical cart display, many people are now involved in the buying process. Procurement will be at the table, possibly a biomedical engineer and even nurse managers may weigh into the decision. Then there’s the role of the GPO (group purchasing organization). With such diverse audiences, it’s important to make sure your message is delivered to the right people every step of the way.
At Godfrey, we’ve helped numerous clients diversify by tapping into the healthcare market. We understand the challenges of increased government regulations as well as the growth of healthcare infrastructure in developing nations. Our global B2B experience and our proven methodology allow us to uncover unique insights to give you the competitive edge you need.

Talk with us and find out how Godfrey can help you get ahead in the medical equipment industry.

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