22 Ideas for Your Next Hybrid Event

Publish date: May 25, 2021 | Reading time: minutes
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Ninety-seven percent of marketers agree: Hybrid events are coming — and they will be here to stay.

Be prepared by downloading our free PDF: “22 Ideas for Your Next Events in a Post-Pandemic World.” These tangible ideas will help you jumpstart your B2B event planning — and adapt to the new normal.

Want to learn more about hybrid events? We recently presented “The Hybrid Events Future: 22 Ideas for Your Next Events in a Post-Pandemic World” during CFE Media and Technology’s Marketing to Engineers® seminar series. If you haven’t seen the presentation yet, check it out to view examples of great virtual events, walk through a hybrid event scenario and learn more about deciding which event model is right for you.

For even more info, dive into “Hybrid Events: A Hype-free Introduction for B2B Marketers” from Senior Producer Tom Gorman.

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