Let’s Talk Brand Community: A Chat With Matt Snodgrass of MarketingProfs

Publish date: Mar 25, 2021 | Listening time: 57 minutes

Building and engaging a brand community matters — now more than ever. In advance of MarketingProfs’ April B2B Forum, MarketingProfs Director of Community Matt Snodgrass shares his insights on building a community and hosting engaging virtual events. Join us for this fun conversation as Matt chats with VP, Creative Scott Trobaugh and Executive Creative Director Cliff Lewis — and turns the tables on our hosts and asks a few questions of his own.

To learn more about the April MarketingProfs B2B Forum, visit the News page.

Matt Snodgrass - Director of Community at MarketingProfs

After working in highly regulated industries for the first 10 years of his marketing life, Matt’s having a lot more fun with creative (and his career) with the MarketingProfs team. Matt co-hosts the weekly MarketingSmarts podcast and is a fan of board games, podcasts, gamification and marketing research and will gladly talk with you about any of them. At length. 

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