Making First Impressions Soar: Pixelle Specialty Solutions Director of Marketing Heath Frye Chats B2B Marketing

Publish date: Sep 14, 2021 | Listening time: 50 minutes

Heath Frye, director of marketing at Pixelle Specialty Solutions, sat down with Godfrey Vice President of Creative Scott Trobaugh and Strategist Alison Fetterman to talk about his B2B marketing experiences and share his advice for B2B marketers.

When it comes to building strong brands and launching new products, Heath certainly has expertise to share. Over the past few years, Pixelle, one of the largest and fastest-growing manufacturers of specialty papers in North America, spun off from Glatfelter, a global manufacturer that has continuously operated for over 150 years. Their campaign, which we shared in a recent case study, “Making First Impressions Soar,” was integral in their efforts to unveil the new company and its products to customers and stakeholders.

Heath shares:

  • How he has found success as the company has evolved
  • How Pixelle Specialty Solutions is making the world a better place
  • What it’s like to be a B2B marketer — and his advice for others in the industry
  • His experiences with a recent Pixelle product launch
  • What B2B marketing tactics are exciting him most right now
  • His impressions of that very popular TV show that depicts a paper company in Pennsylvania

Additional resources:

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To view the video of this episode, check it out on our YouTube Channel.


Heath Frye - Director of Marketing, Pixelle Specialty Solutions

Heath has 22 years of marketing experience in the pulp and paper industry. Prior to that, he was in B2B marketing at a global multi-billion-dollar corporation. Heath graduated from Penn State University and received his Master of Business Administration from James Madison University. 

Alison Fetterman - Vice President, Strategy & Analytics

Alison leads the strategy and analytics teams, focused on driving insightful and innovative ways to connect with clients’ audiences and clearly show a strong ROI for Godfrey’s B2B marketing programs.