Publish date: May 26, 2021 | Reading time: minutes
Marketing to Engineers sign with Godfrey employees

22 Ideas for Your Next Events in a Post-Pandemic World

If you’re like 97% of marketers today, you’re confident that hybrid events will become more prominent moving forward (Bizzabo). But do you have a clear picture of how that future will look? Do you have a plan for how you will adapt to the world of hybrid events?

We are excited to present “The Hybrid Events Future: 22 Ideas for Your Next Events in a Post-Pandemic World” during CFE Media and Technology’s Marketing to Engineers® seminar series.

Senior Producer Tom Gorman, Director of Strategy Alison Fetterman and VP, Creative Scott Trobaugh discuss how it’s time to prepare for a new era of business events that serve two distinct audiences: those who travel and those who Zoom. This shift will apply to more than just trade shows. Customers and stakeholders will expect these hybrid experiences for everything from sales meetings to product launches to press events.

We help shape a vision for hybrid events and equip you with 22 tangible ideas for how you can adapt your upcoming events to the next new normal. During this presentation, our Godfrey team:

  • Showcases examples of great virtual events
  • Walks through a hybrid event scenario
  • Discusses considerations when deciding which event model is right for your event (in-person, virtual or hybrid)
  • Showcases examples of great virtual events
  • Provides 22 ideas for you to integrate into your future events

Alison Fetterman - Vice President, Strategy & Analytics

Alison leads the strategy and analytics teams, focused on driving insightful and innovative ways to connect with clients’ audiences and clearly show a strong ROI for Godfrey’s B2B marketing programs.

Tom Gorman - Senior Producer

Tom oversees video, audio and motion graphics that create compelling experiences for our clients’ audiences. As senior producer, Tom manages our internal video support team. He is the primary point of contact for the creation of all client video, photo, audio, motion graphic and 2D/3D animation content, and he supports our R&D efforts so we can continue providing our clients with the latest in augmented reality, virtual reality and more.