Inbound 2019

Inbound 2019

Email 2020: Email Marketing for Next Year & Beyond

E-mail isn’t the sexiest marketing topic, nor is it the most fun, but if done well it can lead to the best ROI of any tactic in your marketing mix. Regardless of industry and even though there is more noise in the inbox and more apps for consumers to juggle, e-mail continues to prove itself as the best one-to-one communication channel for brands and most preferred by consumers, but marketers continue to struggle with this channel even some 26 years after the first email campaign was sent. Join Michael Barber as he explores the best and most practical ways to improve your e-mail marketing strategy and campaigns, challenges your email conceptions, and shows you just why this channel continues to be vitally important for marketers. New this year, Deep Dive sessions are double the length of a normal session, and more in-depth with the goal of providing more advanced insights on popular marketing topics.


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