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Your brand is so much more than what goes into the drum. It’s a global footprint, a reliable and traceable supply chain, expert formulation assistance, flexible packaging and flawless on-time delivery. All told, the performance of your company is an important part of your customer’s success. We approach each client opportunity with our proven methodology, tweaking the formula to suit your unique applications.
Specialty chemical companies. Large commodity players. Wherever you are in that continuum, one thing is for certain: the chemicals industry is evolving. Industry margins are historically low, making yield and productivity improvements more crucial. Producers of basic industrial chemicals are exploring new markets for existing products. And all the while, specialty companies are formulating solutions to potentially unseat long-standing market leaders.
Buyers and influencers in the chemical market are highly degreed technical professionals. And although measurable benefits make for crucial marketing points, we see the opportunity for a more customer-intimate strategy. Your audience has weighty responsibilities—from management and customer service to the health and safety of their co-workers. Your marketing can be so much more than hard data. It’s a powerful opportunity to build preference through relevant emotional appeals.
With experience in both commodity and specialty chemical markets, we’re well-versed in the industry’s history, trends and future opportunities. And if you’re marketing globally, we know how to align messages specific to each market—whether it’s India or Latin America. As you look to engage diverse companies in diverse cultures with diverse people involved in the buying cycle, Godfrey can bring the right resources to bear.

Talk with us and find out how Godfrey can deliver a winning formula for your needs.

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