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We’ve been marketing to automation professionals for almost 30 years. So we know the difference between selling to OEMs and selling to end users. For OEMs, performance matters most. To end users, when downtime costs $100,000 an hour, reliability is king. Either way, there’s a lot at stake. We’ll help you start the right conversation.

Manufacturing makes up approximately 16% of global GDP. To meet the needs of a rapidly evolving customer base, manufacturers continue looking into automation and control technology. It could be to supply consumers in emerging economies with different products. Or to meet the increasing demands for variety or faster product cycles from customers in established markets.
A big part of your narrative needs to center on ROI. Engineers continuously work to find ways to make processes better through automation—whether it’s improving speed or accuracy, or reducing waste. Whatever the objective, the solution should pay for itself. Address customers by recognizing their need to respond quickly to changing market demands. Move the conversation beyond your features and benefits. Show your value as a strong supplier who can help customers map out a long and profitable future.
When we engage with you, we start with a knowledge base of more than 30 years in the automation and control world. From that vantage point, we know the nuances that can differentiate you in the marketplace. The ROI for you? Less waste (aka learning curve time). And faster time to market.
Reaching engineers in the automation and controls space has never been more daunting and complex than it is in 2016. That’s why we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to help marketers more effectively reach and connect with engineers at OEMs and end users. Check out our Essential Guide: Marketing to Automation & Controls Engineers or contact us and find out how Godfrey can help you adapt your messaging to your evolving business needs.

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