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Architects and designers, consultants and engineers, owners and users—there’s a long list of influencers in the realm of building design and construction. Your industry’s buying process is about as complex as the road to LEED® certification. So are the issues, from building codes to energy efficiency to evidence-based design. We’re here to make it feel simple. We can help you target the right audience with a message that really connects.
From government regulations to the 2030 Challenge to reduce byproduct greenhouse gases, the building materials and systems markets are recognizing and meeting the demand for more and more green products. Another new topic in this space is resilient design. Buildings need to be designed and built to maintain livable conditions even in the event of natural disasters, loss of power or other disruptive forces.

Project owners and managers are increasingly looking for commercial building companies to offer design-build services. This streamlined approach is proven to provide superior results across the U.S. and global markets for all types of projects. To sell your commercial building services and products, you need to learn to speak the design-build language. Become a design-build expert, align your services and products accordingly and even consider joining the Design-Build Institute of America.

We’ve developed an approach to marketing communications that’s proven successful—“evidence-based,” as they would say in the world of design. It starts with our deep pool of knowledge in this market and proceeds with a strategy unique to your market position.

Talk with us and find out how Godfrey can help you build the presence you’re looking to achieve.

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