Bosch Rexroth Resource Kits Bosch Rexroth Resource Kits

Bosch Rexroth turns existing content into thousands of leads

Big goals for lead generation

Bosch Rexroth had some ambitious goals for their sales pipeline, and lead generation had become the top priority in all new marketing efforts. But they wanted to make a big difference without overextending their marketing investment. It was a good thing, in this case, that they had already accrued a substantial library of knowledge assets. So we built a strategy for Bosch Rexroth to organize and repackage all of this content as a powerful lead generation tool.

Bosch Rexroth Resource Kits
Putting existing content to work

Godfrey helped create customer resource kits that each focused on an industry topic (factory automation, hydraulics performance, etc.). Any requested kit would arrive at the customer’s or prospect’s address with a USB stick that brought them “knowledge assets” through a Web-based interface. Here the user could find a corporate overview, service and product brochures, and an exclusive book (e.g., The Linear Motion Handbook). We also helped promote these kits with advertising in PR placements, landing pages and advertising in publications such as Automation World and Machine Design.

More than 4,300 leads came in through this program alone.

Bosch Rexroth Resource Kits
An unprecedented return on investment

The program exceeded expectations. It generated more leads than Bosch Rexroth had seen from any other program in the previous five years. Long-anonymous prospects were identifying themselves for the very first time. These results were very welcome at a time when sales channels were anxious to see new leads. All told, more than 4,300 leads came in through this program alone. And all of this came with a lower cost-per-lead than they’d seen from any other marketing tool.

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