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FWD:B2B Conference

What’s your biggest marketing challenge going into 2016?

“Developing personas and defining our buying cycle stages, then developing content for it all. Easy, right?”

“Defining the buyer’s journey and implementing it across the globe with regional issues.”

“Convincing all business unit marketers that it’s more important to show, rather than tell, our story.”

Those are just three representative responses we received from a survey of over 170 marketers who attended the recent FWD:B2B Conference we presented jointly with Philly BMA. The central idea of the conference was to illuminate the importance of the right kind of storytelling all along the buyer’s decision path, or customer journey. We learned from an impressive lineup of speakers who explored everything from the key components of a good story (central character, a goal and a challenge) to the main mission of marketing (find, keep and grow profitable customers) and lots in between.

FWD:B2B Conference

FWD:B2B Conference speaker Katie Martell demonstrated how personas can be used as actionable tools to drive real results

Godfrey President Stacy Whisel, who summarized the conference on our FWD:B2B blog, provided the welcome message for the conference, noting “We know that buyer behavior is shifting, that the customer journey has evolved. Those changes present the opportunity to connect the power of brand storytelling with every step of the new customer journey. It does make our jobs as marketers more complex, but it also makes our work more influential than ever.”

FWD:B2B Conference presentations can be viewed on Godfrey's YouTube channel

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