Who Said, ‘There’s No Crying in B2B?’


No Crying in B2B

Everyone wants to be the hero at work when it comes to making key decisions that make the company more successful:

  • The plant manager who retrofits equipment to increase energy-efficiency, driving significant savings to the bottom line.
  • The director of logistics who purchases automation equipment enabling the warehouse to meet peak demands.
  • The chemical engineer who refines a process by choosing a new catalyst to help increase yields without increasing costs.
For the astute marketer, understanding underlying motivators that may affect these key decision-makers can provide a way to differentiate your brand and help close the sale.

According to a CEB study, From Promotion to Emotion: Connecting B2B Customers to Brands, a brand which evokes personal benefits – whether professional (such as a raise or promotion), social (aka co-worker approval) or emotional (boosted confidence) – has twice the impact on a B2B purchase than brands which emphasize only business values, such as functional benefits (product features) or business outcomes (i.e., greater efficiency). Another payoff of this type of branding effort is that 69% of buyers who feel that personal connection will pay a higher price for that brand’s products or services. 

The greatest branding potential is when you can intersect these emotional pulls with rational factors. The combination resonates more with buyers and makes your brand stand out. 

So as you begin your rebranding efforts or look to position your new business to the world, think about how your audience might be motivated and how you can tap into these emotions. Thinking with the heart and not just the head might propel your company to even greater success.

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