Getting Started with Developing Your B2B Content Strategy


Getting Started with Developing your B2B Content

It’s never too late for B2B companies to invest in a content marketing program. In fact, having an integrated content marketing strategy could mean all the difference in how effective and successful you are when communicating with customers and prospects. Michael Brenner, VP of Marketing and Content Strategy at SAP, spoke at Godfrey’s FWD:B2B conference about this very topic. 

Here are some key takeaways to help B2B marketers get started with developing a content strategy:

  • Know your audience. Develop a persona for each customer and map their journey across each stage of the buying cycle. Apply various related media to each stage.
  • Define your goals so you always have something measurable to reference.
  • Develop a hub that serves as the foundation of your content marketing efforts. A blog, website, or even a microsite are good examples. Deliver content your audience wants to read--don’t just provide them with self-promotional content.
  • Measure what content is performing using analytics. What is driving unique visitors? How much traffic is being generated from search and social media?
  • Optimize and refine based on what you’ve learned.

Michael also presented some interesting statistics. Did you know that the half-life of a piece of content shared on top social networks is three hours? After that, you can pretty much say good bye to future clicks. Another interesting fact he shared was that by 2017, an estimated 90% of all web traffic will be video.

Following his presentation, Michael stuck around for an on-camera Q&A session. Watch it to hear about some of the most valuable lessons he’s learned. And check out what he thinks is the next big thing in B2B marketing.

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