Agile Marketing, Data-Driven Marketing and the Buying Process


Agile Marketing the Buying Process

An increasingly complex buying process. A lot of data. And the need to be ready to change on a dime. FWD:B2B Conference speaker Scott Brinker has crafted the following thought-provoking blogs worth reading around agile marketing, data-driven marketing and the buying process on his Chief Marketing Technologist site over the past month:

  1. Debunking 3 myths of agile marketing: Referencing a Forrester report earlier this year, Scott quotes analyst Laura Ramos who wrote, “The traditional annual planning routine is ripe for extinction, as 69% of our B2B marketing leaders say that conditions change too quickly to keep plans current. Accelerating the test, revise, and run cycle on campaigns can help marketing compare planned activity with actual results better.” And, while agile marketing is perfect to address the fast-paced market, Scott aims to dispel three myths about agile marketing in this blog post:
    • Agile is about doing things quick and dirty.
    • Agile doesn’t enforce consistency in what’s produced.
    • Agile doesn’t support a long-term vision.
  2. Strategic data vs. data theater in data-driven marketing: Scott refers to a recent Teradata report stating “the most common obstacle to data driven-marketing is “lack of process to bring insights into decision-making.” He states, “Decision-making is about making choices. And making choices is about strategy… Good data helps us make choices in the definition or execution of a strategy. Bad data, on the other hand is merely data that we show off for its own sake. Maybe “bad data” isn’t the best phrase for this, because it isn’t a question of the data being accurate. It’s a question of the data being useful.” He goes on to say, “A better way of thinking about it may be strategic data vs. data theater. Through the lens of strategy-is-choice, strategic data helps us with our choices. Data theater, in contrast, doesn’t help us with choices — or doesn’t help us with choices that are coherent with our strategy. It may dazzle or disappoint us, but it doesn’t drive us… to be truly data-driven, we must also avoid “random acts of data” presented in colorful data theater.” 
  3. Fire the Funnel - 5 Stages of the Real Buyer’s Journey: Scott’s blog talks about the common reference to the sales funnel and why it’s an inaccurate view of reality. He proposes there are five stages within the buyer’s journey rather than the marketing funnel or purchase funnel: 1. Start of the Journey (SOJO); 2. Middle of the Journey (MOJO); 3. Conversion of Journey (COJO); 4. Rejuvenation of Journey (ROJO); 5, Diversion of Journey (DOJO). He states, “Right away, it’s a more customer-centric — rather than marketer-centric — view.”

To read more, visit Scott’s Chief Marketing Technologist blog

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