B2B Mobile Web Design: Selling the Value When Data Fails to Convince


Selling B2B Stakeholders on Mobile when Data Fails

My last post, Selling B2B Stakeholders on Mobile: The Data You Need, focused on using data and research to convince constituents to invest in supporting mobile for web design projects. Your own website traffic and insight from your target users, combined with external credible sources is the most objective place to start. But what if filling a presentation with information on usage and adoption rates isn't enough to convince your stakeholders on the value of mobile? How do you sway people who aren't interested in numbers, whose eyes glaze over at the first Google Analytics chart?

Selling B2B Stakeholders on Mobile Design: The Emotional Appeal

When data doesn't do it, tap into people’s competitive nature and personal experiences to help sell the mobile design imperative.

Share what your competitors are doing.  
Do they have sites to aspire to? Or is there an opportunity for your company to gain a competitive advantage? Know what the competition is doing, and not doing, and find a need to fill.  

Learn by example.
Does your company aspire to be an industry leader? If so, you need to have a web presence to match. Find examples of leading companies that do a great job of delivering content across devices. (Check out examples of large corporate websites using responsive design: Microsoft, GE, Sony)

Touch. Don’t tell.
Have people actually use the example sites you found on their own devices. Experiencing something for themselves is more meaningful and convincing. Then...

Compare and Contrast.
Have your opposition use your current company desktop website on their mobile devices. Better yet, have one of your customers try to use it and share the experience with your team.

Explore empathy.
Talk about the impact of a frustrating experience on customers and prospects. On the positive side, help stakeholders imagine the potential of building new and better relationships by delivering great digital experiences.

When objective data doesn't impress someone, tapping into people's emotions may convince your stakeholders to invest in mobile web design. Creating positive web experiences--regardless of device--isn't a question of "should our company do this?" but "why have we waited so long?"

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