The B2B Weekly Roundup: August 28


The B2B Weekly Roundup

While it is easy – and necessary – to get caught up in the latest advances in marketing technology, we need to be mindful always of the human factor: how customers, prospects and influencers react, interact and engage; how we as marketers collaborate and perform. For example, in explaining the importance of keyword quality scores in Google PPC campaigns, Dan Pacifico finds the trail leads ultimately to (guess what?) relevant content for users. With the proliferation of videos posted to YouTube by top B2B brands, Leanne Terpak points us to a useful blog that outlines 7 important analytics reports which explains why they are important so we can be better marketers. Andy DeBrunner is thinking about enlisting the sales force in an intentional way with social marketing, and underscores the importance of truly understanding our sales colleagues before we attempt to engage them – sound advice. Jenn Vitello is also thinking about the human element of content development with a post on staffing the B2B content marketing department. The marketing technology at our disposal is awesome and pretty much useless without focused attention on the human factor at every step. That’s our roundup this week.

Chuck Manners, CEO

Google has updated how it rates PPC keyword quality scores, this time it means something

Recently Google announced that it has changed how it calculates quality score for keywords for pay per click campaigns. It didn’t seem like a big update at the time but further testing has since shown that Google is relying more heavily on click-thru rate to determine quality scores. Since quality score is an indicator of how often and how much it will cost to show your ads, it is even more important now to make sure that you are sending users to the content they are expecting to find, and that in turn will increase your current click-thru rate.

Dan Pacifico, Search Manager

7 YouTube Analytics Reports That Improve YouTube Ad Performance

Need help discerning YouTube Analytics reports? Heather Cooan shares 7 reports from YouTube that deserve some attention. She explains what each of the following types of reports are and why they’re useful:

  • Demographics reports
  • Source reports
  • Audience retention reports
  • Call-to-action reports
  • Subscribers reports
  • Likes and dislikes reports
  • Sharing reports

Leanne Terpak, Analytics Director

How to get Salespeople Aboard the Social Media Train

Don’t tell Lance, our new business guy, who is a prolific social media user and advocate, but not all B2B sales people are comfortable with this form of digital communication as a business marketing tool. As marketers, when introducing a new approach or technology that might improve a sales force’s work, the key is not to change them but to understand them. Take a look at the article linked above to learn about some of these traits and how you can work with them to allow them achieve social media success (on their own terms).

Andy DeBrunner, Social Media Manager

How to Staff a B2B Content Marketing Department

With content taking center stage for marketing programs, B2B companies need to be prepared to handle the planning and execution of those efforts. This article takes a good look at the various roles and responsibilities you need to know to effectively put the right content marketing team in place. It all starts within the company—having an internal champion that leads the content marketing effort.

The roles only continue to expand—from having the right staff and editors to search, public relations and analytics specialists.

Read the article and take a look at your own department. Do you see any gaps? Perhaps you’ve already got talent in-house that would fill those roles perfectly. Or maybe you need to staff a few positions. Regardless, in order to have a successful content marketing program, you need to have all the right tools, and especially people, in place.

Jenn Vitello, Content Manager

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