The B2B Weekly Roundup: July 23


The B2B Weekly Roundup
If you have wondered about the role of mobile ad clicks vs. organic search on keywords for which you already do well, Dan Pacifico reveals new research that shows they are complementary and can be strong traffic builders for some B2B segments. Leanne Terpak investigates the new Twitter analytics tool and shares one expert’s key metrics. A picture may be worth at least a thousand words, suggests Andy DeBrunner as he imagines how smart marketers may take advantage of the ability to post a photo as a comment on Facebook business pages. Jenn Vitello reminds us that LinkedIn is a preferred content distribution channel among B2B professionals and outlines important ways to leverage it. Andy Hunt sees B2B as leading the way on the Internet of Things (we’ve been at it for a while now). And that’s our roundup for this week.

Chuck Manners, CEO

Should You Pay for Mobile Ad Terms for which you already Rank Organically?

A recent study from Google shows that 88% of ad clicks from mobile search are incremental to organic clicks. This research goes hand in hand with older studies that show that having both organic and paid listings on the desktop do not cannibalize search engine traffic, rather it builds upon your current traffic from search engines. From a B2B perspective, this is a great way to take up real estate and also have a strong brand presence on the front pages of any Google search engine result page.

Dan Pacifico, Search Marketing Analyst

7 Helpful Stats You Can Gather With Twitter’s New Analytics Tool

Recently Twitter introduced a new analytics tool that can help B2B marketers get some helpful stats. In this blog Rilee Chastain lists 7 key metrics that Twitter Analytics can provide.

How do you access this new tool? Go to and log in with your company’s Twitter account. Then go to the “Analytics” tab and choose “Timeline Activity.” This shows you a graph of the number of mentions, follows and unfollows over the last month. There’s also a detailed list that displays all of the most recent tweets, with the number of times someone has favorited, retweeted, replied or clicked on one of your links.

What I’ve found is that the information is shown in a clear and accessible format so that almost anyone can easily analyze and optimize their Twitter performance.

Leanne Terpak, Analytics Director

Can Facebook’s Photo Comments for Pages Change How you Handle Customer Service?

For a while, now, Facebook has allowed individual users to post a photo as a comment, but it has only recently rolled out that change to business pages. While it may seem like a useless update for your B2B company, consider the highly technical nature of many B2B products. For example, if someone posts a question, “Where is the automatic shut off switch in your widget?” Rather than try to explain its location, simply snapping a picture and including a short description could save loads of time and ensure accurate communication.

Andy DeBrunner, Social Media Manager

Effective LinkedIn B2B Content Marketing Tips

With LinkedIn being cited as the most popular distribution channel among B2B marketers, it’s important that B2B companies leverage basic strategies for distributing content. Use the LinkedIn news feed and target content based on the personas of your followers. At the very minimum, use LinkedIn follow buttons on your collateral and start to build a following. Another strategy is to take advantage of LinkedIn groups that are in your “sweet spot.” Provide helpful information and advice to build thought leadership. Check out some other helpful content marketing strategy tips.

Jenn Vitello, Content Manager

B2B is Leading the Way with the Internet of Things

At the most recent Google I/O conference, Google outfitted the conference facility with a network of wireless sensors. These sensors collected interior atmospheric signals like humidity, noise levels and temperature then fed it all back to other Google services and platforms as an exercise in real-time, big data collecting and analysis. Microsoft's Research group has just opened up its Lab of Things platform for connected devices in the home. I was hoping to download and start experimenting in the agency but alas, the current license does not allow for commercial use. Regardless, both of these recent events are bringing the Internet of Things (IoT) closer and closer. It feels like the consumer side of things is playing catch-up. In B2B, we've been working with an Internet of Business Things for years through industrial and factory automation. We've had discrete components communicating and working with each other long before there was such a thing as an IoT. Talk about “forward B2B”.

Andy Hunt, Director of Marketing Technology

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