The B2B Weekly Roundup: June 4


The B2B Weekly Roundup

Penguin 2.0, a.k.a. “Penguin 4,” is the latest Google search algorithm update we now must consider. It appears that a keen focus on content, a hallmark of best B2B practice, rather than heavy reliance on external links satisfies this bird. Web analytics and the massive amount of data it can produce can be overwhelming. A savvy B2B marketer gets focused and avoids the irrelevant – here are some remarkable analytics guides to help. Vine, which we blogged about last week, is now available for Android devices, dramatically expanding its potential user base; keep considering the B2B possibilities of very short-form video integrated with Twitter and let us know what you think. Jenn Vitello notices that even B2B publishers, the kings of content, are optimizing for mobile. Maybe you should, too? Rounding things up this week, our director of marketing technology considers what makes a site highly interactive, engaging and easy to share – often qualities we want in B2B digital experience.

Chuck Manners, CEO

Search: Google Penguin 2.0 is Upon Us

Last week, the long awaited Google “Penguin” algorithm update was released and ripples were felt throughout the SEO world. Penguin 2.0 is an update to last year’s Penguin 1.0 that targets external link spam, over-optimization and other factors. B2B companies that continue to focus on content as the driver of their online success seem not to be affected by algorithm updates. In general,  B2B tends to stay away from buying links but even big names like Sprint and Mozilla have been hit with penalties in the past couple of months. The dust is still settling and although we don’t know the exact details of how this will change the way we perform our SEO duties, we can get a pulse for what industries are most affected by these algorithm changes and make sure we focus on creating great content that people will want to share and link to naturally.

Dan Pacifico, Search Marketing Analyst

Analytics: 16 Remarkable Web Analytics Guides, Tips and Techniques

Just because web analytics can collect massive amounts of data doesn’t mean that B2B marketers should measure all of it. We need to focus on the metrics that matter the most – make sure we’re collecting and measuring data based on top priorities. In this blog post, Tom Pick pulled together 16 “remarkable guides, tips and techniques” for analytics from various blogs over the past year that will be sure to provide the advice you need to make the most out of your analytics program. Some highlights include SEO, conversions, social media, mobile, Google Analytics updates and more!

Leanne Terpak, Analytics Director

Social Media: Vine Released for Android

Last week I wrote about Twitter’s Vine app. The six-second video sharing service could be a powerful weapon in your B2B social media arsenal. Well, until recently, its power was limited only to iPhone users. Impressively, Vine has already reached over 13 million users despite alienating Android, which is the most popular mobile operating system in the world. So if 13 million users (plus seamless integration into Twitter) weren't enough reason to take a close look at Vine, maybe now would be a good time to check it out, before it’s overrun with cat videos.

Andy DeBrunner, Social Media Manager

Content: Is Your B2B Content Mobile?

Or rather, is your B2B content ready, willing and able to go mobile? Whether your B2B audience is currently accessing your website via a mobile device or not, you can bet they will be in the very near future. And you should be ready. American Business Media suggests that 75% of more than 4,500 mobile device users would access industry-related content more often if publishers delivered that content via mobile-optimized websites. Depending on your industry and segment, many of those same users are likely to be your customers, too.

Jenn Vitello, Content Manager

Digital Trend Watch: Welcome to the New Flickr

Flickr underwent a major revamp a few weeks ago and through some work with a local non-profit I’ve had time to get familiar with it. We don’t do a lot with Flickr in the B2B space but we do quite a bit to re-invigorate sites and brands that have gone stale online. I think Flickr has done a really nice job updating its site to match contemporary user expectations of what a site could be. And I’m using the term site in a very broad sense because what we’re really talking about is a service and set of tools, which are conceptually shared by many B2B companies. The new site is highly-interactive, engaging and assuming you like the content, easy to share. The simultaneously released Android app makes a good companion. If you use one, you’re ready to use the other. We may not be ready for B2B photo-sharing yet, but every now and then we can all use more than a fresh coat of paint.

Andy Hunt, Director of Marketing Technology

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