The B2B Weekly Roundup: May 28


The B2B Weekly Roundup

This week we highlight the “conversational search” capability unveiled by Google as Dan Pacifico starts to ponder the changes ahead for B2B marketers with natural language processing applied to search. We knew mobile was claiming more traffic: how about more than one-fifth of all content visits? Other stats from Uberflip document the rise of shareable content and the importance of video. Speaking of video, Andy DeBrunner looks at the B2B potential of Vine, Twitter’s 6-second video service -- talk about tightly crafting your message! Helping us simplify things this week is a primer on the four keys to success in marketing analytics. We wrap things up with a reminder that users – often accessing mobile devices in the field, or in less than ideal settings – deserve our consideration as we design and deliver the content they need. Enjoy.

Chuck Manners, CEO

Search: “Google, show me some awesome B2B marketing.”

Google has released what is said to be the biggest advancement in the way we use its search engine in years. Although speaking to Google isn't new, the conversation you can have with the search engine and the way it responds back is. This will affect the way searches are done for B2B and we can prepare by continuing to increase our brand strength within search engines. Until “conversational search” catches on, we can learn more about how Google envisions the future of search.

Dan Pacifico, Search Marketing Analyst

Content: Trafficking Content: Mobile Moves to the Fast Lane

According to a digital content readership study from Uberflip, mobile content consumption is growing rapidly while desktop traffic continues to decline. Over the course of three years, content visits from mobile devices shot up over 1,312%, reaching 21% of total visits. Other interesting findings include the rise of shareable content and the leveraging of video. Incorporating video into digital content has almost quadrupled in the past three years! B2B companies take note—whenever possible,  present videos on the capabilities of your products. Include them on your website, your social media channels and in your e-newsletters (especially now that there’s new video capability). It’s all about having shareable and mobile-friendly content.

Jenn Vitello, Content Manager

Analytics: Four Foundational Elements of Marketing Analytics Success

B2B marketers are definitely becoming more “left-brained, process-focused, and technology-centric.” Insight is now a true requirement for marketing success, especially from data analysis.  So what are the ways to get this insight working for you? In this blog, Mark Emond talks about four foundational elements for marketing analytics success:

  1. A superior analytics strategy that is well connected to the business strategy
  2. Investment in the people that drive and use analytics
  3. The alignment of processes and standards across Marketing and Sales
  4. The use of world-class technology

Leanne Terpak, Analytics Director

Social Media: Can B2Bs use Vine to Stand Out from the Competition?

Twitter’s 6-second video service, Vine, has grown incredibly in its relatively short life. Often overlooked as a B2B social media marketing platform, Vine presents some serious potential for the B2B set. While longer-format YouTube videos showing off a company’s wares are great (and they really are great), there is something to be said for the immediate, to-the-point nature of a Vine. Imagine a 6-second company tour or a product demo. Or what about shooting out Vines during trade shows to show the live action around your booth? Of course, there should always be goals and strategy around your efforts, but for some tips on how to create great vines once you take the plunge, check out the title link above.

Andy DeBrunner, Social Media Manager

Digital Trend Watch: You're not all thumbs

New strategies about the physicality of the human + mobile device interaction have been making the rounds in the past week. Noted UX expert Luke Wroblewski (if you're interested in design and not following him, you should) posted the results of some studies done on how users hold devices and how design patterns should reflect those realities. As with all things, your mileage may vary, especially as you balance your visual elements with those pesky human ergonomics. As I'm picturing some of our audiences holding a phone in one hand and a tool or piece of equipment in the other hand, these are some important considerations.

Andy Hunt, Director of Marketing Technology

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