The B2B Weekly Roundup: September 10


The B2B Weekly Roundup

This week we move from a light-hearted anniversary look at the industry’s leading search engine, to a hard-to-stomach metaphor for making analytics results more, well, digestible and useful, to some no-nonsense advice on developing content for a global B2B audience. Dan Pacifico helps us mark the passing of Google’s 15th birthday, inviting us to learn some things about the company we probably didn’t know. Leanne Terpak introduces us to the appealing phrase “number vomit reporting” with important tips on how to avoid it and actually do something less regrettable and more valuable instead. Equally hard to swallow for some career writers may be the point of view Jenn Vitello shares on the necessity of writing not so much for a person but rather for a CMS (content management system) as the most effective and efficient way to develop content for an international base of customers, prospects and influencers. Just a little slice of the diverse topics making up the B2B marketing environment this week. Thanks for checking us out.

Chuck Manners, CEO

Google Turns 15; Where’s the Celebration?

This week we take a lighter look at recent events on Google and we recognize the major Search Engine’s 15th birthday. There wasn’t any “special” Google doodle and they didn’t play one of their infamous April Fool’s day pranks (probably due to it being September), they simply kept on doing what Google has done for the past 15 years and provided their industry-leading search result pages. To celebrate their belated birthday, here are 15 things you may not have known about Google.

Dan Pacifico, Search Marketing Analyst

5 Ways To Turn Number Vomit Reporting Into Valuable Business Action

Frankly, “number vomiting” and just producing excel spreadsheets full of data isn’t useful to anyone. In this blog by Vic Drabicky, he explains 5 good steps to keep everyone focused and to turn all that data into valuable actions for your business:

  • Reporting Is Not The End Goal — Action Is
    • Reporting is one thing, and analysis is another. Take time to understand what the data means in order to get action out of it.
  • More Doesn’t Mean Better — Part I: Data
    • Data gathering in massive quantities can easily spiral out of control. Make sure you only use what you need and focus on your goals, actions, metrics, and outcomes.
  • The Rule Of Three
    • Follow the rule of three: what happened, why, and what you should expect next.
  • More Doesn’t Mean Better — Part II: Analysis
    • Even though the data might not align perfectly with expectations, that’s okay. What’s important, is to know when to make a decision from it vs. pulling more data and doing further analysis.
  • Reporting Templates Are Your Frenemy
    • Yes, technology and automation of reporting templates is awesome. But every business is different, and there has to be a certain level of customization in order to meet the special needs of your business.

Leanne Terpak, Analytics Director

Writing for a Global B2B Audience

Regardless of where your customers are located throughout the world, the content you deliver to them needs to be relevant, clear and concise—in addition to being findable, accessible and usable. All in their native language. So what does that mean when it’s your turn to start copywriting? And where does translation fit? The most effective way to write for your global B2B audience is to think of your content management system (CMS) first. Creating content that can be translated within a CMS ensures the content you’re providing is easily and accurately understandable. Some tips to think about when writing include: write shorter sentences, limit vocabulary to a subset of the English language--strip it of jargon, Americanisms, metaphors, etc. And remember: none of this should be done in a vacuum. Work with your content strategist and software developer. Collaboration is key!

Jenn Vitello, Content Manager

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