The B2B Weekly Roundup: September 17


The B2B Weekly Roundup

Amidst the hub-bub surrounding the introduction of new iPhones and Twitter’s IPO, we take a look this week at two developments happening with somewhat less fanfare that will likely have more direct impact on the B2B marketing environment. Andy DeBrunner looks at the way Facebook has enabled auto-play user videos as a likely forerunner to auto-play ads, which would require a fresh approach for B2B marketers using Facebook as a paid media vehicle. Google’s purchase of the file sharing app Bump has not escaped the notice of Andy Hunt, who imagines a number of real-world, B2B applications for the technology in a mobile operating system. That’s our round-up this week as we reluctantly ponder kicking the flip-flops in the closet one last time and getting ready for fall.

Chuck Manners, CEO

Is Facebook Gearing up to Allow “Auto-play” Video Ads in the User’s Feed?

It’s looking more and more like this might be the case. In a recent change, Facebook is allowing auto-play user videos which would pave the way for paid auto-play ad units. As usual, I’m certain Facebook is keeping a close eye on everything to be sure users actually like the auto-play features, but if they find it to be successful, you can expect a new video ad unit to be made available sometime in the near future. This will further establish the need for companies to develop specific video ads for online use instead of repurposing already-existing video. However, I believe that there will be more leeway from a user’s perspective when it comes to production value. For example, if you see a TV ad that was shot on an iPhone, you will certainly question the sanity of the brand responsible. However an iPhone-produced ad on Facebook could prove to be appropriate if the content is right. In a world where values are quickly shifting from glitter and polish to speed and relevance, it’s important to keep in mind that while the medium is constantly changing, one principle of marketing is here for the long haul – content is king.

Andy DeBrunner, Social Media Manager

Google Buys Bump

Google announced the purchase of the file sharing app Bump this week. Functioning as an app, when two phones running the Bump app are ‘bumped’ together, the phone owners can share data and files like contact information, photos or videos. For now there are no plans to change the app but baking it into the operating system at some point in the future seems like a pretty obvious step. Newer Android devices already support things life NFC for wireless device-to-device data transfers and including the Bump ease of use into a mobile operating system presents some interesting possibilities for B2B. Imagine ‘bumping’ your phone with a packing crate for a new rooftop HVAC system and having the installation instructions and videos beamed right to your phone or tablet. Or how about a piece of construction equipment in need of maintenance that could, upon a bump, send out the specification set of maintenance checklist and parts replacement numbers? What if you could just bump your new Galaxy Gear watch?

Andy Hunt, Director of Marketing Technology

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