The B2B Weekly Roundup: September 24


The B2B Weekly Roundup

This week our faithful CEO and introduction writer, Chuck, will be taking a much-deserved break from his intro writing responsibilities. He has (probably against his better judgment) allowed me to do the honors. In our roundup this week, Dan offers his views on Google's new view, Leanne continues to optimize how we approach optimization, and Jenn shows off some trends to help us marketers be more content with our content.

Andy DeBrunner, Social Media Manager & Insight Manager

Google Offers New Views

Google has introduced a new way to view Google paid & organic traffic together in the same report. This will allow search marketers to see the impact that their efforts have in comparison to one another and give better insights on the behavior of people searching for the content. The report combines data from Google Webmaster Tools and AdWords and will give data about search engine impressions, average position, clicks and other useful data that can help you discover additional keywords for a paid campaign and optimize for valuable keywords. This can be an incredibly useful tool in the B2B space, when keywords are sparse and we need to see what the most valuable terms are for the user.

Dan Pacifico, Search Marketing Analyst

Better Ways to Measure Content Engagement than Time Metrics

This post is a bit more technical than what I usually share, but I thought it had a few good take-home messages for B2B marketers. Measuring engagement with content isn’t as easy as it may seem. Quite often, people just look at time on site or time on page and assume that longer time = more engagement. But that’s not necessarily the case. Michele Kiss offers some good metrics to evaluate the actions of the user with content, such as:

  • Content page views per visit
  • Ad revenue per visit
  • Number of shares or share rate
  • Download rate
  • Poll participation rate or other engaging activities
  • Video Play rate
  • Sign up and/or Follow on social
  • Account creation and sign in

Leanne Terpak, Analytics Director

7 Trends from Content Marketing World

The Content Marketing Institute recently held its annual event, Content Marketing World, where Cleveland, Ohio, is alight with content marketing experts and all things B2B content related. It’s an exciting and innovative event to attend! Let’s take a look at a couple of the trends that came out of this year’s conference.

  • Take risks. Experiment with a new idea and push the boundaries of your content. It’s okay to fail because failure is part of growth.
  • Harness tools and share information. In particular, content management systems are integral to the development of content. Collaborate with other departments and share information.  Doing so helps create more efficient processes.

Jenn Vitello, Content Manager

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