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Get original insights from Godfrey’s B2B lead generation experts. These news articles, videos and infographics explore how you can produce sales qualified leads and optimize your lead gen process in real time.

December 01, 2017 / Lead GenerationFrom Loyalty to Love: The Future of B2B Marketing

The way B2B customers view your company is changing. They want more than loyalty programs – customers want to feel like they belong.

Matt Kabik

By: Matthew Kabik

October 13, 2016 / Lead GenerationWhy Is B2B Lead Generation So Hard?

B2B marketers struggle with lead generation. Here are three key factors complicating the process and how to get started with a lead generation program.

Jim Everhart

By: Jim Everhart

September 26, 2016 / Lead GenerationKey Steps in Producing Quality B2B Leads

Producing high-quality leads that turn into revenue (relatively) quickly is one of the most important functions in B2B marketing.

Jim Everhart

By: Jim Everhart

August 01, 2016 / Lead GenerationBring Marketing and Sales Together to Improve Lead Generation

The most important step for aligning marketing and sales around a lead generation effort is planning; and more importantly, creating an opportunity to collaborate.

Josh Albert

By: Joshua Albert


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