October 09, 2014 / Public Relations 10 Ways to Leverage PR Success

Melissa Einfrank

By: Melissa Einfrank

10 ways to leverage PR success

Congratulations! You (or your company) have just been featured in an industry trade publication with a success story or as an industry thought leader where you provided commentary. Your work is done. Add that to the list of public relations successes and move on to your next item, right?

Wait! While you should be very happy with your accomplishment, there are several ways to leverage this content by sharing it within your company and the industry. Here’s our top ten list of how to get the most out of your PR success.

1. Link to the article on your website. By offering a brief synopsis and providing a link to the article, your customers and others within the industry will be able to access your article. It could help them with research, uncovering a solution to a problem, or just give them background information on a specific topic.

2. Post it to your intranet or employee newsletter. This isn’t being a showoff; it is being open and sharing resources within your organization.

3. Share it on social media. Your followers will likely be interested, so why not point them to the article?

4. Arm your sales teams. Provide hard copies (or electronic reprints) to your sales teams so they can show case studies of successful implementations of your products/services.

5. Add to press kits. When you attend trade shows, it’s likely you provide the media with an electronic press kit. Why not add your case studies, or thought leadership articles into the mix?

6. Boost trade show presence. Along with tip #5, consider bringing hard copies to have on hand at the booth. When attendees are visiting your booth, they can review the articles, or even take them home to review at a later date.

7. Customer relations. Did a customer offer support to you in the form of a case study? A great way to say thanks is to purchase the magazine, and have the article framed. It goes a long way in terms of building that relationship and showing that you’re appreciative.

8. Share content via your e-Newsletters. Sharing this content with the people who have taken the time to subscribe to your e-newsletter will go a long way in showing them your company is on top of trends.

9. Put it on the big screen. Does your company location(s) have a TV screen – either in the lobby or near an elevator? If so, use that as another vehicle to get more people to see your content.

10. Find quotable quotes. Is there a great quote in your case study from a customer? If so, think about using that quote – with their permission – in other marketing materials (press releases, brochures, etc.).

The key takeaway here is the importance of sharing content. These tips are just a few ideas on how to leverage your PR success. It’s certainly not an exhaustive list. What are the ways you’ve leveraged content either within your organization or outside?

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