November 25, 2014 / Thought Leadership 6 Things B2B Marketers Wish Agencies Knew

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By: Godfrey Team

6 things B2B marketers wish agencies knew

What are B2B marketers expecting from their agency?

Are marketing directors getting what they want from their agency? How valuable is their agency’s work? Are their needs being met?

Obviously, client needs are important to all account managers at any agency. It’s what account management is all about. We’re always checking in with clients, fellow account managers and industry experts to stay in touch with the real needs of today’s B2B marketing professional.

Here’s what we’ve found B2B marketers value most in an agency: 

1. They understand my industry – It’s essential that my agency grasps the intricacies of our B2B industry distribution and sales cycle. It’s incredibly useful if my agency has an industry expert on staff that can develop messaging and speak the language of our target audience.

2. They keep me educated – I like to know what new and innovative projects my agency has developed for other clients. I simply don’t have time to stay well-informed on recent technical advances and trends, so I look to my agency to keep me up-to-date.

3. They help me plan responsively – The production of agile and efficient work is important so my company can effectively develop new materials throughout the fiscal year. Working out a balance between reactive and proactive planning can sometimes be a struggle.

4. They appreciate my corporate realities – Sometimes I just need to get a job done even though I don’t have the time or budget to satisfy every industry best practice. My agency has to understand and respect my needs when time is of the essence.

5. They know that my day doesn’t end at 5:00 – It’s extremely helpful to have a point of contact that can be responsive when I need them in an off-hour emergency. This is especially important on global projects, which often require me to schedule meetings outside of standard business hours.

6. They consider cross-cultural social nuances – It is imperative that my agency be an advocate for global audience venues, developments and cultural behaviors. My core messages and goals should never be lost in translation.

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